Monday, November 17, 2008


We have been asked many times how we came about our kennel name and how do you pronounce it,well here is the story....Many years ago as young lads myself,Andrew Hay and Martin Kelly would go rabbiting with a couple of ferrets and our dogs.We would spend all day up the fields working the hedges etc,with the Lakelands and a Lurcher for rabbits and Hares.More often than not we would end up near the village or Wreay which is south of Carlisle,we only lived a few miles away in Upperby.We would gain permission from the land owners and off we would go.We had such good childhoods that those memories will stay with me forever.So as you can see that is where Wreaywire comes from-Wreay(as in the village) and wire(hard wiry hair on a Lakeland)...WREAYWIRE...pronounced (ree-a-whya)......Lee Rotherham.