Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jack Bowman(Wreaywire Tempest)

This is "Jack"Bowman his kennel name is Wreaywire Tempest.He fits his name very well as he is full of life,but as he is getting older he is channeling his energies into his puppy training classes.Jack now lives with his mum and dad-Helen and Mark in Newcastle,so no doubt Jack will be picking up the Geordie accent.We think he will turn out to be a very striking young man and look forward to his progress.Most people get News Flashes but Helen and Mark send us regular Jack Flashes which are very amusing!Maybe we will have to show a few on here in the Future!Here is Jack....I keep thinking was this a lull before the storm!

Lakelands and Ice cream!

Over the years we have noted that our Lakies love an ice ream to share,and in particular our new girl Belle whom we acquired from Harry O'Donoghue's Blackdale Kennel.She has let us know this on more than one occasion,the best site for all things ice cream is http://www.ice-cream-recipes.com/

Monday, November 24, 2008

Stanley (Wreaywire Phantom Spirit)

This is Stanley,he is owned and loved by Kevin & Jill Hunt.They kindly sent us an update on him and some photos of him.He is a very lucky Lakie as he is well travelled around the UK,enjoying many Holidays with his Mum and Dad.As you can see he really likes the seaside !

"Saffy"Wreaywire Dairymaid...

The previous Blog we had about Saffy(Wreaywire Dairymaid) was sent to us by Gary,Angy and Elliott Wright whom have given one our pups a wonderful home and life in North Yorkshire.Thanks for the updates Gary...Lee.


As you will know if you have looked at our site we have a testimonial page,so now and again we get them from people who have a Wreaywire Lakeland.We have received another from a lovely family who got Saffy(Wreaywire Dairymaid)...Here it goes..."We decided on a Lakeland to brighten up our lives and lucky for us Lee and Michelle's "Molly" had just had a litter,Angy rang and she was so impressed how Lee was so friendly and enthused about Lakies.He was so knowledgeable on how he speaks about them,that we decided that we had to get a a puppy from them.We went to see the litter and it was lovely to see them in the house like part of the "Family".Everything seemed like fate,the puppy Lee had set aside for us went directly to Angy and sat on her feet.Lee kept in touch with us by phone on how Saffy was getting on which was a reaaly nice touch,that really put our mind at rest that we were getting a well reared pup from a breeder who was passionate about the breed.Saffy came home with us 3 weeks later and she is a a joy to have,it is difficult taking her fo a walk as we get stopped so many times from people saying how cute she is,asking where we got her from and if she is going to be a show dog.THANK YOU to both of them for such a lovely dog.We still keep in touch with Lee and Michelle and would highly recommend them to anyone who would like to have a Lakeland Terrier raised with sich passion and expertise.

Monday, November 17, 2008


We have been asked many times how we came about our kennel name and how do you pronounce it,well here is the story....Many years ago as young lads myself,Andrew Hay and Martin Kelly would go rabbiting with a couple of ferrets and our dogs.We would spend all day up the fields working the hedges etc,with the Lakelands and a Lurcher for rabbits and Hares.More often than not we would end up near the village or Wreay which is south of Carlisle,we only lived a few miles away in Upperby.We would gain permission from the land owners and off we would go.We had such good childhoods that those memories will stay with me forever.So as you can see that is where Wreaywire comes from-Wreay(as in the village) and wire(hard wiry hair on a Lakeland)...WREAYWIRE...pronounced (ree-a-whya)......Lee Rotherham.

Friday, November 14, 2008


We have been planning our future breeding and Bridey or Belle will be mated when they come into season.We have specific stud dogs in mind,and for Belle she will be mated to a red dog.Bridey if selected to breed will be mated to our own Bobby(Louieville Red Phantom of Wreaywire)who is also red.Keep checking this page for future news and pictures...Lee.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bruno !

Bruno has started to accept the lead over the last few days and really enjoys his walks around the block now.He loves to walk with all the dogs.He is such a clever chap!You can also find us on the champdogs site...http://www.champdogs.co.uk/

Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome to our Blog for all things Wreaywire!

Hello & Welcome to Wreaywire Lakeland Terriers 'Blog' internet Diary

We are going to use this first posting to say Thank you to the people who made this website happen.http://www.darkseaweb.com/Stephen,Shelagh & Paul thanks for taking our project on,and your knowledge and high level of skills have been very much appreciated!

To our friends who have a Wreaywire Lakie,thanks for your kind words,and for giving our pups great homes.........Please keep looking in this section for updates and news on our Lakelands.The site is now launched and all we can say is that we hope ALL "doggy people" enjoy the Wreaywire site.......Lee,Michelle & Philippa.

Monday, November 3, 2008